Mr. Bama, Ms. Mita and Mr. Indra, with the Chief Executive Officer of RiaMiranda, Mr. Pandu Rosadi, after the sharing session

PRO Alliance Provided Legal Awareness for Indonesia Entrepreneurs

November 19th, 2019, PRO Alliance partners, Mr. Bama Djokonugroho and Ms. Novi Pramita Rahmasari, and senior lawyer, Mr. Theodorus Indra Lumempouw, has delivered presentation on legal awareness to a group of Indonesian entrepreneurs as part of the event “10 Langkah RiaMiranda” which commemorated the 10 years anniversary of RiaMiranda, a premium fashion brand known for its soft feminine modest fashion style. In addition to displaying exhibition on the brand’s history and latest project, the event also provided various business-related sharing session for small-medium enterprises that are member to RiaMiranda Loyal Community and also general public.

During the session, Ms. Mita provides an overview on the types of business entities available in Indonesia, including the main consideration for entrepreneur to determine whether they need to establish a limited liability company or other form of business entity such as a firm or a commanditaire vennotschap/CV. Further, Mr. Indra shared his practical experience on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights/IPR, particularly for creative business, as well as provided brief guidance on the procedure for IPR registration. Finally, Mr. Bama advised the participant on the importance of a fair and proper contract drafting, and highlighted several key points that can be used by entrepreneur to conduct a self-assessment prior to entering into any business contract.

Upon attending the session, we noted that the participants, which are mainly a small-medium enterprise businesses, were enlightened and has now realized the importance of having an appropriate legal advice for the operation and the development of their business, particularly that they can have significantly higher chance to succeed if they are using appropriate business entity based on their needs, they have sufficient IPR protection for their creation, and if they entered into a fair and proper business contract.

Earlier this year1 , the Vice Chairman of Indonesia’s National Economic and Industry Committee, Mr. Arief Budimanta, explained that the small-medium enterprises sector contribution is amounting to almost 37% of Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product. Additionally, the small-medium enterprises sector has absorbed more than 89% of Indonesia’s domestic work force. On that note, PRO Alliance sincerely believe that small-medium enterprises businesses and their ability to have a healthy business growth is paramount to the sustainability of Indonesian economy in general. PRO Alliance supported RiaMiranda not only due to their success as a fashion entrepreneur, which can be a great role model to many other small-medium enterprises businesses, but also in consideration to their concern and effort to empower Indonesia’s small-medium enterprises through the event “10 Langkah RiaMiranda”.

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