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What Makes Us Different?


PRO Alliance may only cost a client less than one-fifth of their standard cost for engagement with a conventional law firm in Jakarta to attend a matter or court hearing/trial outside Jakarta for similar work quality standard. This is due to the matter/hearing/trial that will be attended by local PRO Lawyer, thus we do not need to incur costs/expenses for transportation/airfare, as well as accommodation and allowance (for local transport and meal). Additionally, since there is a minimum travel time then there is a significantly lesser chance that such attendance become a full-day assignment.

Furthermore, our flexible fee structure may allow client to capped-off our professional fees at maximum of 20% of claims value, therefore allowing our client to pursue or defend their claim with cost certainty that is commercially reasonable.


PRO Alliance is aiming to have local PRO in every province across Indonesia. Immediately following an appointment, we are capable to dispatch our local PRO to attend onsite (with supervision and coordination by a Director). Our local PRO is also responsible to maintain good relationship with local stakeholders (e.g. government, police, court, trade association, labor union, etc.), therefore PRO Alliance does not require additional time to seek for contact and to establish relationship with local authorities.

For example, compare to the approximately 24 hours-36 hours time frame required by a conventional law firm in Jakarta, PRO Alliance is generally capable to dispatch a local PRO immediately and has him/her onsite and ready to attend any emergency matter within 3 hours-6 hours.


PRO Alliance offers a set of fixed lump-sum price for general assignment (e.g. legal memorandum, contract review/drafting, legal opinion) and a clear list of fees for special assignment (e.g. fees conducting site visit, attending meeting/negotiation). Please contact us for further information.

PRO Alliance accepts case with payment based on hourly rates, lump-sum fee or contingency/no-cure-no-pay basis, either strictly or in combination, to be determined based on mutual agreement with client and subject to applicable Terms & Condition.


Our Board of Directors have more than 10 years professional experience working in government institutions, multi-national company, and top tier law firms in Indonesia. In addition, our Directors have been helping and providing many effective solutions for more than 1500 clients.

Our Board of Directors have strong record of resolving client’s problems (either with business partner or authority) through amicable settlement rather than engaging in lengthy and costly legal proceedings (i.e. approximately 76% of our total contentious cases). In general, PRO Alliance has succeeded in negotiating an amicable settlement at an average of 30% – 60% value of original claim when acting on behalf of plaintiff/rapporteur/debtor.

Our Board of Directors are also well-regarded and have been appointed by their peers to serve in high-level/executive position in various professional and social organizations, inter alia, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Indonesian Air Law Society (Masyarakat Hukum Udara/MHU), the Indonesian Importers Association (Gabungan Importir Nasional Indonesia/GINSI), the Diponegoro University Faculty of Law’s Alumni Association, the Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia Suara Advokat Indonesia/Peradi SAI.


PRO Alliance has significant concern to the improvement of our society. We are committed to actively contributed to our community by requiring and facilitating our PRO Lawyers to undertake pro bono works, as well as by allocating more than 30% of our profit as Corporate Social Responsibility fund.

PRO Alliance is committed to serving and shaping the Indonesia’s legal and economic landscape through positive and constructive collaboration with the Indonesian authorities and business stakeholders. Currently, our Directors and PRO Lawyers have been assisting various business associations and the Government of Indonesia in legal drafting process for new regulations, as well as draft of amendments of existing regulations.