The signing of Concession/Cooperation Agreement by the President Director of PTB, Mrs. Ika Pusparini, and the Head of Samarinda Port Authority Office, Mr. Muklish Tohepaly, as witnessed by the Director General of Seacom, Mr. Agus H. Purnomo, the President Commissioner of PTB, Mr. Sukresno Darmo Sumarto, and the Head of Legal Bureau at Directorate General of Seacom, Mr. Wahyu Adji.

PTB Concenssion Agreement Signing Ceremony

PRO Alliance would like to congratulate our esteemed client, PT Pelabuhan Tiga Bersaudara (hereinafter referred to as “PTB”) for the successful signing ceremony of the Concession/Cooperation Agreement between PTB and the Samarinda Port Authority which provides PTB with the 25 (twenty five) years concession and authority to carry out port service at the Muara Berau ship-to-ship/STS transfer terminal at Kutai Kertanegara, East Kalimantan. The Concession/Cooperation Agreement for Muara Berau STS transfer terminal is in line with Indonesian Minister of Transportation Decree No. 382 of 2010 regarding Determination of Locations for Transfer of Goods Activities within the Muara Jawa and Muara Berau Waters (as lastly amended with the Minister of Transportation Decree No. 244 of 2020) and the Minister of Transportation Decree No. 432 of 2017 regarding the National Port Master Plan.

Our Partner, Ms. Novi Pramita Rahmasari, attended the event which carried out with strict COVID-19 health protocol and was also attended by the Director General of Sea Transportation/Communication/Seacom as well as numerous high ranking officials at the Directorate General of Seacom and Samarinda Port Authority. PRO Alliance is very proud and humbled to have been appointed as the exclusive and permanent legal counsel for PTB in this historic project with significant importance to Indonesia’s economic development.

East Kalimantan is the province with the second largest coal reserve in Indonesia, amount to approximately 48.2 billion tonnes. Moreover, Muara Berau STS terminal is a major export hub where mother vessels received coal cargo transhipment from smaller coal barges.

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