Mr. Bama delivering his input on the draft amendment for PM 53/2018

PRO Alliance Lawyers were Involved in Drafting the Amendment of the Indonesian Minister of Transportation Regulation No. PM 53 of 2018

On January 30-31st, 2020, our Managing Partner, Mr. Bama Djokonugroho, and our PRO lawyer, Mr. Panji Kartono Wididarma, have participated in the official meeting to discuss the draft amendment for Ministry of Transportation Regulation No. PM 53 of 2018 regarding Cargo Container Worthiness and Verified Gross Mass/VGM (hereinafter referred to as “PM 53/2018”), in their capacity as member of Management Board at the National Board of Management for the Indonesia Importers’ Association (Badan Pengurus Pusat Gabungan Importir Nasional Seluruh Indonesia/BPP GINSI).

In principle, PM 53/2018 requires, among others, that every sea-going cargo container to be inspected and certified by the designated official appointed by the Indonesian Minister of Transportation. Since its enactment on June 7th, 2018, several business associations, including GINSI, the Indonesian Container Depot Association (Asosiasi Depo Kontainer Indonesia/Asdeki) and the Indonesian Exporters Association (Gabungan Perusahaan Ekspor Indonesia/GPEI) has been requesting the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation to reconsider several provision under PM 53/2018 and to postponed the implementation of obligation related to certification of cargo containers amid concern that such requirement may adversely impact the containers’ movement and exposed the business to significant additional cost.
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