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More Reason to Choose PRO Alliance!


Our PRO line-up comprised with professionals from various background, including Lawyer, Notary-Land Deed Officer, Tax Consultant, IT Consultant, Creative Consultant, Investigator, etc. Naturally, we are capable to cover multiple aspect and angles from our client’s inquiry and provide a comprehensive solution by engaging the PRO(s) with suitable background and expertise, as necessary and appropriate, with utmost efficiency (both in terms of cost and time).


Our Board of Management/Partner have more than 10 years professional experience, and combined have been helping and providing effective solutions to more than 1000 clients.

Our Board of Management/Partner have strong record of resolving client’s problems (either with business partner or authority) through amicable settlement rather than engaging in lengthy and costly legal proceeding (i.e. approximately 76% of our total contentious cases). In general, PRO Alliancehas succeeded in negotiating an amicable settlement at an average of 30% 60% value of original claim when acting on behalf of debtor.

Our Board of Management/Partner is also well-regarded and has been appointed by their peers to serve in high-level/executive position in various professional and social organizations.


PRO Alliance have significant concern to the improvement of our society. We are committed to actively contribute to our community by requiring and facilitating our PRO to undertake pro bono works, as well as by allocating more than 30% of our profit as Corporate Social Responsibility fund to be managed by our affiliated organization, namely the PRO Foundation.

PRO Foundation is a charity organization runs by volunteers with no salary/remuneration in any form, with primary focus on empowering and providing appropriate support system for high-risk children in order to allow them pursuing their dream and have a positive life and career. PRO Foundation has established cooperation and collaborate with Lembaga Pembinaan Khusus Anak/LPKA in